In 2005 we began serving East Tennessee with our first retail Murphybed Store in Knoxville,  Then in 2008 we began manufacturing our products in our current location in Kodak (Sevierville), TN.  Here we manufacture everything we sell on site.   We have state-of- the art equipment to ensure the highest quality and efficient production available. Our Murphybeds and Custom Cabinetry are manufactured of  ¾  material to assure the best quality product from raw materials to the finished cabinetry.   We add backs to all of our Wood Side Wall Cabinets as well as top and bottom trim at no extra cost to our customers.

When you order one of our office units, you have the option to have custom wood trim added to your desk top.  When you purchase our remote control lights for your Murphybed, we add a safety switch to each and every one we sell.  This is in case someone closed the bed and accidentally forgot to turn off the lights. With the safety switch, the lights will automatically go off.  We work hard to provide our customers with top quality frame systems and hardware.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers a complete line of Space Saving Cabinetry.  We have a full line of cabinetry offered in melamine or wood, and possibilities are endless with stains, paints or melamine choices.  Because we design and build our own Murphybeds and Wall Cabinetry right here on site, we have the ability to totally customize to accommodate our customer’s request. This gives you our customer, choices. You may choose to have our wonderful designed space saving cabinetry go wall to wall in your home, like so many customers or you may just simply want to purchase our murphybed system.  Whatever, your needs are, we will certainly build it for you with the care and craftsmanship you will be proud of.

Our goal is to offer the best products with guaranteed quality and efficiency possible.  Our products continue to evolve to offer limitless possibilities to  you our customers.

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