Office Systems    

Do you need room for working? How about a place for hobbies? Plus a room for  guest! Our Office Units offer all three rolled into one system. In addition to the bed, this unit offers a corner desk with a keyboard slide-out, two filing cabinets, pencil drawers, storage cabinet, and many other options of cabinetry to choose from. It also offers a drop-down table with storage space underneath that can be utilized for book bags, crafts/accessories or your sewing supplies. When finished sleeping, just lift the bed back into the cabinet (It’s a one hand operation) where it will be safely stored vertically, leaving you again with a beautiful home office. Our beds are light and require no heavy lifting. (Available in twin thru king)

Our Office Systems can be utilized by themselves or with any of our Bed Systems. It can even be used with our Library Bed Unit. Any of our side wall cabinetry can be combined with our office. We can have the Office System set up as a corner unit or it can be utilized on just one wall. The size of the unit can be built so that it will be functional in your space.

If you need more space in your home without the cost of remodeling then give TN Murphy Beds a call today and get your Murphy Bed ordered in time for your Holiday guests.

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Below are photos of Office Unit Murphy Beds examples that we can offer. Visit our design option pages to see how we can customize your Murphy Bed just for you! Feel free to Contact Us if you have any question.

Office Unit Murphy Beds Gallery

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