Sophisticated, Smart, Space Saving, Wall Beds in East TN!

Small spaces are no longer a  problem with our professionally built, top of the line Murphy Beds.   Most of our beds take up ONLY 16” or 20” inches on your wall. Depending on the type of bed you purchase, the way they work, is you either pull your bed down, or bi-fold your doors to the side, then pull your bed down. Then your ready to sleep. Then when you’re ready to put your bed up, you simply push it up, its so easy you can operate it with just one hand. Now you can utilize that room for whatever else you may need it for. Library Beds – Store your bed and belongings all in one space. With built-in, stationary bookcases, your items will stay put whenever you slide your bookcases to the left and right and pull your bed down. You can add doors to your library bed or even drawers. When you choose TN Murphy Bed Company, your options are endless, and our work is unbeatable. Table Beds – If you love the idea of a space saving wall bed, you are sure to love the combination of a Murphy Bed bed and table. Keep both the bed and the table hidden, pull down just the table, or put the table up and pull down the bed. When the table is up whatever you have on the shelves behind the table can remain in its place, This bed is offered in any door style, and color that we offer. Office Units - Murphy beds can give you a functional office space in a spare room or studio, condo, cabin, any type of room you have Ask us about office units available with desktops, countertops, filing cabinets, drawers, and any other type of office or desk storage. Available with a bi-fold or panel bed, the movement of the bed will not interfere with the office unit. Panel Beds – Pull down a panel door and reveal your hidden, freestanding bed. Panel beds are only 16-20 inches deep, giving you plenty of room when your bed is folded away. Enjoy comfort and innovation in one product, as our panel beds come with supportive orthopedic mattresses that won’t bend or fold. Bi-fold Beds – Open the bi-folding doors and pull down your floor-mounting bed. Dress up your bed with sheets, a comforter, and a bed skirt. None of it will budge when you fold your bed away, making this model perfect for daily use. Horizontal Murphy Beds- For rooms with low ceilings, we offer our shorter, but wider, horizontal beds. These beds fold out horizontally, rather than vertically, to accommodate the unique demands of your space.