Here at TN Murphy Beds, we pride ourselves in offering our customers a good quality mattress. We want our customers to get a good night’s sleep no matter which mattress they decide to purchase. We also strive to keep our products as cost effective as possible. We know comfort is important as well as cost. This is why we offer you a variety of choices to fit every budget. As a Murphy Bed Company, we have specific weight and depth capacity limitations that we implement into our mattress specifications. We work very closely with our mattress company to provide comfort and quality and still meet our strict guidelines. Please take a look at our Mattress Options Below to decide the best choice for you and your guest. Our mattress’s come in sizes Twin – King,

(they are not irregular sized)



Orthopedic Deluxe - 9 1/2inch  mattress. 312 Bonnell coils, 13 gauge steel, gauge border rod, 2 inches of comfort layers on each side, and 7 inch wood buildup frame. 200# psi test weight fiber board, non-skid top and a 5 year Limited Warranty. Color: White/Gold


Orthopedic Pillow Top – 8 inch one-sided pillow top mattress. 312 Bonnell Coils on a 9 inch wood buildup. Mattress comes with a 5 year warranty. Laced with head-to-toe helical wires to prevent roll-together. 3 1/4 inches of comfort layers on each side. Rich white in color with a hint of gold. Has a 200# psi test weight fiber board, non-skid top universal boarder and excellent double knit fabric.


Posture Royale Pillow Top – Traditional Double-Sided Mattress, Quilted to 2 inch soft, green foam and ecosheild fire-retardant barrier. Two 1 inch pieces of ecosheild fiber and insulator pad on each side. 336 13-gauge rod border and built-in edge support cones, giving maximum sleeping support right to the edge. Matched with a high-profile wood foundation for quality and comfort.


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